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Kathy's 30th bday party

Kathy turned 30! Kathy is my BFF/ichiban tomodachi. photos are of me, Kathy, Eunice and Emi. my BFF's. we reminisced about the good old days and fun nihon memories. old friends are the best!!! i love you guys!!! 

Madagascar 2

Penny got Madagascar 2 for her bday. there is a scene with male hippo and a female hippo. Penny thinks the male hippo is Dad and the female hippo is Mom. it's pretty funny because the male hippo reminds me of Cliff too... but when she said that the girl hippo was like mommy, i wasn't sure if i was insulted or complimented!! 

Our Penny turned 3 on March 2nd!!! i can't believe it. time flies by. :( i was telling her about when she was born and that she used to be in my tummy. she got really confused, then brought her knees up to her chest and said "momma momma, i baby, i baby, waaaah!!" now she wants a "binky" or "pacifier" and she has never had one, so it's kinda funny. 

i've been prepping her to turn 3, letting her know that when she turns 3 "NO MORE DIAPERS." so when people ask her about her birthday, her automatic response is "NO MORE DIAPERS." but then the other day she asked for a diaper (She still prefers to poop in a diaper than in the toilet) and i told her that if she goes back to diapers, she can't be 3 and we'll have to return all the presents she got for her birthday. she walked over to the madagascar 2 dvd and put the dvd in the case and handed it to me and said, "mom here, take this back to the store." sometimes my bribing tactics don't work so well.... 

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